The goal of the Language Description Heritage (LDH) Open Access Digital Library is to provide easy access to descriptive material about the world’s languages. This collection is being compiled at the Max Planck Society in Germany as an open access digital repository of existing scientific contributions describing the world-wide linguistic diversity, focussing on traditionally difficult to obtain works.

Contributing your work to the Language Description Heritage (LDH) library will benefit you in several ways:

  • It will enhance the visibility of your research so other researchers will more easily find it, acknowledge it and cite it.
  • It will ensure long-term accessibility of your work through a stable URL.
  • Your work will be citeable through a persistent identifier.

More information about the scientific goals of this project is available in the section describing the objectives and details about the open access licensing can be found in the section for authors. You can also immediately download the permission form to contribute your work to the LDH Project.

The scientific contributions that are available in the Language Description Heritage library are stored in the publication repository of the Max Planck Society. This repository assures the longevity and stability of the resources. Technically speaking, the website that you are currently looking at is only an announcement platform to enhance the visibility of your work. One consequence is that this website will not provide fine-grained search and navigation options. We only provide a basic search of this website and a search-link to the publication repository.

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